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23 novembre 2011 3 23 /11 /novembre /2011 00:38

On Tuesday 22nd November, Imany gave a concert in L'Aigle.

For those who were present, it's gonna ring a bell ...

For those who don't know that song, it echoes the discussion some of you developed around Steve Job's death and poverty in Africa ...

For the others, just listen and enjoy ...


Here are the lyrics that the 3°4 found (and without mistakes, as opposed to all the lyrics websites you can find!) :

Africa has the shape of a broken heart
and the heart of a broken land,

You fell from heaven
Straight to hell,
Now your children are missing

I try to understand
Who I am
Years after years
God, it feels the same

Parted favors
Everybody's gone
Ain't no war that I know
Anybody won

Africa has the shape of a broken heart
And the heart of a broken land,

You fell from heaven
Straight to hell,
Now your children are missing

Kiss their forehead
And hold their hands
Close their eyes
And put their name on their graves

Dust is dust
And so goes our faith
So goes our faith

Africa has the shape of a broken heart
And the heart of a broken land

Fell from heaven
Straight to hell,
Now your children are missing

And the wind blows,
And the children roam
Sitting on a side of a road
Watching all the boats, ooh

Africa has the shape of a broken heart
And the heart of a broken land

You fell from heaven
Straight to hell,
And now your children are missing

Now I understand
Who I am, who I am, who I am ...

Tell me how, tell me how, tell me how
I can accept the thing
The things that I can't change
Accept the things that I can't change ...



Thanks to the 3°4 (2011-2012) from Collège F. Dolto in L'Aigle (61).

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Ally 20/04/2012 00:38

I saw Imany with Sonny..This girl has an incredible voice. 

Mister V. 04/04/2013 20:31

Yeah, her concert was just great!!!

Sony :) 28/11/2011 19:39

yes it is the daughter of jaques higelin. rock band are: Mirakel, Katherine, Thomas Allan, the old dada weatherman ectt. they are very great !

sony 27/11/2011 19:41

i have lots of over super group , but they are not know .. and you can not find them on youtube ..

Mister V. 27/11/2011 19:47

Really? I thought you could actually find anything on youtube...

What's the name of these other bands that are not known (yet)?

There's one band I recently discovered that I really love: Mumford & Sons. It's just great! If you have some time, listen to their album online...

sony :) 27/11/2011 19:35

Me too :)

do you like izia ?

Mister V. 27/11/2011 19:44

I do!!! "Let me alone" is great ... I need more time to listen to her other songs.

She's French and speaks good English too! That's nice!!!

When and where is her concert?

sony :) 27/11/2011 19:25

About Agnes Obel : I have heard it , but i don't remember when I  LOVE :D


Izia ; Let me alone

      : Back in town

       : Bi***

       : Lola

Mister V. 27/11/2011 19:36

Izia sounds good... Much more rock-oriented than Agnes Obel or Imany though... but cool too!

Thanks for sharing!

sony :) 27/11/2011 19:16

 what you can lend me the album so I can put it on my ipod?
Mama is a  song of queen , no ?
I do not know your artist, I'm going to see:)

Mister V. 27/11/2011 19:33

Alright, I see... You mean the song "Bohemian Rhapsody", by Queen indeed ... Yeah, that was great! She actually did some pretty good cover versions!!! I loved "Ready or not", basically by the

No problem for the album!

sony :) 27/11/2011 16:54

yes I loved the concert, the voice of Imany ... WAH !  but the song I most loved in this concert it's "Mama".

for my birthday I asked to see Izia in concert :) I love this singer!

I write not really Infact, it's improvisation, when Appoline comes me home. we sing  but the lyrics says nothing

Mister V. 27/11/2011 18:43

Oh I see! Very cool... You guys are definitely gonna have to give a show in class! ...

Yes, Imany has got an amazing voice, and she speaks English perfectly, with a good American accent. I can't remember that song you're talking about, because I've been listening to the album over
and over again since the concert, and "Mama" is not on it ... Is it the gospel song? That one was my favorite!

I don't know Izia, but I'll look her up on youtube.

There's another great singer coming up right now that you might like too ... Her name is Agnes Obel. She also has a great voice. Do you know her? Look her up if you don't!

sony 26/11/2011 19:46

No no, no sorry spectacle.
 6 years old I play  the guitar, and yes I sing while playing, but it's not  beautiful texts .I like all kinds of music, but I do have a preference for the soul, rock, and blues
and you?

Mister V. 27/11/2011 16:21

So you sing lyrics that you write yourself???

I like all kinds of music too, but more particularly rock, pop, and soul music (and blues too actually!).

So tell me about the concert... did you like it?

sony 26/11/2011 12:46

I play the guitar already but thank you x)

my stepfather is an excellent guitarist and I wanted to learn . I have everything i need at home about 16 guitar .. :P

Mister V. 26/11/2011 19:37

Wow! Great!!!!

You're gonna have to give a show in class ... Can you sing while playing the guitar?

How long have you been playing? What song can you play? What song do you prefer playing?

sony 26/11/2011 11:51

oh no, it's beautiful bass player   and finally the guitar was exellent anyway, I have to learn a piece of them

Mister V. 26/11/2011 12:37

The guitars were both great indeed! If you want to learn how to play the guitar, there are guitar classes at the collège everyweek ... Would you be interested? It's a great opportunity to learn,
and it's free!

sony 25/11/2011 20:53

wonderful concert! I prefer the solo musicians, especially the bass: D

Mister V. 26/11/2011 01:00

YEAAAAAAH!!!!!! The solos were awesome!!!!!! But the best musician was the drummer, sorry!!!!

Wonderful concert indeed!!!!!